Cape Town's a long way down by bike

Long Way Down starts on BBC2 on Sunday, October 28 at 9.00pm

They have faced blinding sandstorms, flash floods, rampaging rhinos and wven the odd burst tyre, but after 15,000 miles they have finally reached their goal. Ewan Mc Gregor and his friend and fellow actor charley Boorman have completed an attempt to motorbike from John O' Groats to Cape Town.
Yesterday, after the gruelling trip which spanned three months and took the pair through 18 countries, they reached the finishing line.
The epic journey - dubbed the Long Way Down - will help raise money and awareness for three specially chosen charities; CHAS (Children's Hospice Association of Scotland), Unicef and Riders For Health, which distributes medical supplies and food to remote parts of Africa by motorbike.
Trainspotting and Star Wars star McGregor was euphoric after reaching his South African destination.
"It's been incredible, just incredible," he said. "Some of the places that we have passed through are almost indescribably beautiful, like something out of an Indiana Jones film. It's a great feeling and a real privilege to have achieved our goal.
"We've had the opportunity to see such different ways of life to ours and have travelled to remote places very few people have access to. The sense of freedom and exploration has been incredible."
Boorman added: "We were both up for an adventure and Africa has certainly given us that. There have been times when it has been unbelievably hard going but that has been countered by amazing riding and extraordinary people."