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Marley Africa Road Trip

Starring: Ziggy Marley, Robbie Marley, Rohan Marley

Director: David Alexanian

Producer: Lucy Trujillo

Executive Producers: David Alexanian, Ziggy Marley

Co Producer: Johannes Brinkmann

Director of Photography: Anthony Seck

MARLEY AFRICA ROAD TRIP follows brothers Ziggy, Robbie and Rohan Marley on an inspiring journey to Africa in celebration of the life and music of their legendary father. In 1980, Bob Marley visited Africa with his family to perform a landmark concert to celebrate the independence of Zimbabwe. Thirty years later Ziggy, Robbie and Rohan traveled to South Africa to continue his legacy and embark upon their own journey. This highly spirited series captures the insightful and amusing encounters that the Marleys experience as they return to the land their father loved. Inspired, the brothers decide to audition local musicians, teach them to play Bob Marley’s music and put on a free concert in Soweto in record time.

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